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A.F.A.C.T. Artists Fighting AIDS Creatively through the Arts

Donations to A.F.A.C.T. are tax deductible and can be make securely at Click & Pledge

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A.F.A.C.T. Artist Fighting AIDS/HIV Creatively Through The Arts was Established in 1995, and gained exemption status January 6, 2003 under section 501c3. As a non-profit organization with an emphasis on the African American Community, we are dedicated to the promotion of increasing awareness and decreasing infections of HIV/AIDS through through theatrical and mass media art.  Artists who participate in the A.F.A.C.T. three tier program receive artist development support, and gainful employment while teaching through edutainment.

A.F.A.C.T. is a very unique organization, in that it was created by a group of socially conscious artists whose contemporary social education affords them the understanding that is required to attack AIDS/HIV at it's very core. We are sisters and brothers in the struggle to save ourselves. Demographically we are the people at risk for AIDS. We envision an Outreach Program that extends through Public Service Advertising targeting the largest population of those at risk for HIV/AIDS, Black Women.

Traditional methods of reaching the African American Community are lost because people creating the campaigns to do not represent the people that thay are intended for. In fact large organizations are stigmatized in Black Communities because of the corrupt history with regard to African American medical patients. Poverty, Fear of Rejection and Desire for Acceptance are the controlling factors in the plight of African American health. But while this is understood by researchers, they simply spin numbers that do not translate into urban common sense. At A.F.A.C.T. we understand that the quickest way to the mind is through the soul. The Artists associated with A.F.A.C.T. create innovative programming, that speaks in a language that is familiar to its target audience. Through music, dance, theater and literature laced with stimulating imagery, we have devised a program with great promise.

AFACT was created as a three tier program:

1. To create artistic works that promote improved sexual relations with a focus on safe sex practices, communication between couples and abstinence.

2. To communicate to urban target audience through Literature, Music and Dance. Theatrical performances, television and radio have been a major source of outreach for AFACT and its mission since 1995. AFACT artist have been creating works of art to sell in order to afford the promotion of our cause, safe sex and sexual practices.

3. To recruit, train and employ artist who share our commitment to the preservation of sexual health. To provide the participating artist with an in house support system and vehicle for development and growth, while giving back to the community.

Donations to A.F.A.C.T. are tax deductible and can be make securely at Click & Pledge

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